FRAMESPORT – FRAMEwork initiative fostering the Sustainable development of Adriatic small PORTs

FRAMESPORT is a project co-financed by Italy-Croatia CBC Programme, the financial instrument supporting the cooperation among the two European Member States territories overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

FRAMESPORT project will perform a coordinated initiative supporting an integrated and sustainable development of small ports in a strategic perspective, thus allowing them to be proactive socio-economic drivers of the development in the Adriatic coasts.

Such a strategic objective calls for a multifaceted approach, including both the adoption of concrete pilot actions as well as identification of priority themes to be promoted within the overall strategy.

Priorities will be individuated by means of a bottom-up approach, involving local and national stakeholders since the project inception phase. Partners, which have been chosen in order to guarantee a wide territorial approach, will address planning and management topics, business models implementation, enhancement of training and competence, as well as develop ICT tools and services, thus supporting an effective development of small ports in the whole IT- HR area.

Furthermore, a tailor-made ICT platform will collect and systematize relevant key data on small ports to be shared as a starting point of any further development. FRAMESPORT will build on existing knowledge and capitalize results of pilot initiatives by integrating them in a new strategic framework boosting small-scale maritime nodes performances along the Adriatic coasts.

The project will be developed over 36 months and involves the participation of 15 partners and 12 associates, both Italian and Croatian, with CORILA, the consortium for coordination of research activities concerning the Venice lagoon system as coordinator.

Logoteam d.o.o. is the partner in charge of programme communication activities and contributes in various technical Work Packages.

Other Partners:
PP1 – Monfalcone Municipality
PP2 – ITL: Institute for transport and logistics foundation
PP3 – ASSET: Regional strategic agency for eco-sustainable development of the territory – Apulia region
PP4 – Svim Marche – Sviluppo Marche
PP5 – ARAP: Regional Agency for Productive Activities
PP6 – AAST Termoli: Autonomous agency for hospitality and tourism of Termoli
PP7 – Umag – Novigrad Port Authority
PP8 – Primorje – Gorski kotar county
PP9 – County Port Authority of Zadar
PP10 – Sibenik Port Authority
PP11 – PFRI: University of Rijeka, Faculty of Maritime Studies Rijeka
PP12 – Logoteam d.o.o.
PP13 – Euro – Mediterranean Center on Climate Change Foundation
PP14 – Senj Port Authority
PP15 – Directorate of Maritime Affairs

Associated Partners
PP17 – Marche Region
PP18 – Gabicce Mare Municipality
PP19 – Numana Municipality
PP20 – Termoli Municipality
PP21 – Campomarino Municipality
PP22 – Montenero Di Bisaccia Municipality
PP23 – Guidotti Ships s.r.l
PP24 – Marinucci Yachitng Club s.r.l
PP25 – Friuli – Venezia Giulia Region
PP26 – Veneto Region
PP27 – Rimini Municipality
PP28 – Emilia Romagna Region


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