Our services

We are a team of experienced individuals from all over Europe, with more than 15 years of experience in various economic and social activity sectors.
We are trained to provide professional support to clients, especially in the elaboration of strategic and operational programmes related to the sectoral, regional, local and institutional development, including the preparation of projects for the application to tenders for the European Union's financial instruments. We transform an idea into reality!

EU Funding

We provide professional and reliable services for the preparation of project proposals for the European Union funding programmes. On your behalf, we analyse potential programmes, suggest possible application opportunities, prepare project proposals and contact, as well as connect, potential partners. Entrust us the administrative execution of your project with confidence!

Investment Documentation

We have a multi-annual international experience in the elaboration of feasibility and cost-benefit analyses studies, economic justifiability studies, business and investment plans, professional studies and similar, in many economic activity sectors.

Our network

During our long-time international experience on projects, we have built a team of professionals from all over Europe, from the areas of transport, economics, culture and tourism. Our team guarantees knowledge, experience and reliability. Should you need a partner in Europe – contact us!

Complete service from idea to implementation